Why Alo rent

At Alo Rent Ex-Europkar, we value time as much as you do.
 We don't want to disappoint you with delays and forgotten questions.
That is why we strive to provide services with immediate response to your needs.
From day one until your journey is complete and your feedback is heard,
 We are in touch with you to make sure everything you want your trip to be is in the right places

The difference of Alo Rent Iran International Company

Opening an account with Europcar can help your business

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Easy online booking solution

Priority pick-up at airport locations

Delivery and collection to a business, hotel or home address

The first reason:
Qualified drivers and employees of Alo Rent car rental company
Our large fleet of vehicles includes luxury and mini buses, vans, cars and even limousines
which work 24 hours a day. Our drivers are friendly and well trained.
In addition, our expert local tour guides have extensive knowledge of a wide range of destinations
They share their knowledge and experiences with you anywhere
 That makes your trip an ultimate trip
Second reason:

No hidden fees
Our surcharge is not only affordable but also transparent.
We keep our prices clear and simple. The absence of hidden costs has helped us
To create a good mutual understanding with our customers


Our customer service is not limited by time.
The driverless car rental company in Alo Rent is always ready to serve you at any time.
Call us at any time of the day and be sure
You will be guided by our friendly Alo Rent car rental consultants with effective solutions for your travel problems
money value
At Allo Rent, we don't believe in a half-baked job.
 It is not in our policies. We are going to the last detail
 To make sure our service is perfect. Traveling with Elo Rent rental cars
creates an experience that is valuable to you.
Unparalleled quality service and a trip that is worth your money

ALO RENT IRAN  : (0098) 913 612 32 32

Our success story lies in providing our clients with an itinerary that they are satisfied with.
This makes us flexible and independent to listen to the demands of our customers
 and plan accordingly. We'll see how we can
Use our expertise to build something you trust and we can
Stay in touch with europcar!
info@rent32.org +(98)31-32323232