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Car rental companies whose income comes from an accident and are looking for the rented person to include the car in their stories 

What are the things that we have to pay for car rentals and car rentals everywhere in the world?

  • 1. First study the contract to study car rental 
  • 2. When delivering a car, take a photo or video of the car so that the delivery person finds the car 
  • 3. Get a delivery receipt when refunding 

Items you should be aware of in the contract include:

  • 1. Does third-party insurance and car body insurance have a rental item 
  • 2. Whether or not to receive copper from the renter in the event of an accident 

If you leave these above when renting a car, there will be no responsibility or concern for you anymore

With the wish of success and health of Isfahan Representative

Amir Soleimani

Representative Manager of Isfahan


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