Attractions in the world

Beautiful natural areas along with exquisite human-made tourist attractions It is considered to be the world. Below are 10 interesting and weird places in the world  Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists do.


1-Submarine Restaurant, Colorful Island Conrad Maldives

Your food is at a depth of 5 meters from Take the ocean floor on coral reefs. Ithat Restaurant in style Of the Aquarium Designed is the only underwater caravan that is completely Built from Glass and guests of this restaurant can watch the sights while eating Enjoy 360 degrees underwater. Menu of food at the ITA restaurant The local language means pearls, a mixture of Native food of the Maldives and Western food Which offers an interesting and new idea. Spend Food in this The restaurant will be a unique experience, because now the human is tangled fish contract



2- Hotel Grotte Palazzese Restaurant in Italy

This restaurant is made from calcareous rocksAn impressive view of the Adriatic Sea. Grotte Palazzo Restaurant Pollinano is a statistic and located in a place that is not the same anywhere in the world.This is the place for centuries to entice visitors to beautyHas made himself.



3-Garden Marquise Palace in France

The main attraction of the city of Vesek in the state of Wassaek France, palaces and gardensIt is. Sights of the Statue of the SpeciesAround the Palace in EwaThe godfire of the 17th century was created. On top of one Beautiful valley and 200 meters high thousands of bushes Planted. These garden geometry plants The fences and the surrounding fence, along these paths, are several Rest areas, rock houses and places to watch around Is. Since 1996, after some repairs, these gardens were open to the public.



4- Ice Cream Aquarium in Koznowma in Japan

Frozen Aquarium or "Kori Nusui Zhu Children" In the city of Kosonama, northeastern Japan, there are 450 species of marine organisms She has fitted herself. It has large ice pillars and blue lights It is decorated.



5- Cascade Restaurant, Villa Scudrome in the Philippines

The restaurant serves food on tables Wood Bamboo and not at a distance Much of the crystalline water falling from the waterfall Creep is served. Experience the delicious local dishes while The water jets are in the air and the water fountain springs under your feet has it It's a memorable experience that you can only get at this restaurant.



6-Hotel Snowy in the North Pole

Thousands of years ago, humans wandered in the Arctic They knew from the same time that the route to Lake Lutjarvi was the best route in the region. These people gave us a token sign to thisRemember the place, and it's the head of a reindeer that was used to decorate the Stone Age boats. Arctic snow hotel in the same place and just where It was built by ancient travelers.



7- Gentian walking path in the Japanese Kovachi Fuji Gardens

This hiking path is drowned in mud Tunnel Yestria is well-known and is located in Fukuy Gardakovachi. Walk on this pathIt will be very enjoyable and pleasant.



8- Swimming poolNaughty swimming. Victoria Falls in Africa

Naughty swimming. Victoria Falls in Africa Do not miss this pool.Naughty swimming pool is a small lagoon that surrounds itThe small and large cliffs are covered on top of one of the largest and most beautiful The waterfalls of the world are located. This wetland is at an altitude of 103 Meter and located on Livingstone Island is definitely one of The coolest places in the world.



9- Andlerland Calcar in Germany

Welcome to Wonderland Calcar in West Germany. Here is a nuclear power reactor that has never been usedNot taken as one The amusement park has come. This amusement park has hundreds of thousands of visitors annually It attracts your hand.



10- Eskimo Village in the Forest Winters in Finland

These Eskimo glass huts shine at night And They create a very beautiful view. Each of these huts is beautiful scenery Snowy you can see the surrounding area and if you are good, you can also have aurora Look, if not the beauty of the millions of stars that shine in the night sky Enjoy. The technology used in these glasses makes it even In the cold Many people do not freeze and remain transparent throughout the entire period.


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