Rent in Iran


Renting a car in Iran is very easy
Only with 20 euros per day
It has 17 stations in Iran
With full insurance
No deposit required
Rent a car without a driver and with a driver in all cities and airports in the country  
Car rental service at all Alo rent Iran stations 24hours station at Imam Khomeini airportCommand delivery and extradition elsewhere in the countryMehrabad airport delivery and extradition service at customer's requestOrganizing car maintenance and insurance on a nightly basis Body insurance for all fleet cars Reduces daily rental costs by increasing rental duration without receiving car crash in case of accident (unlike others)


Rent a car in 137 countries from inside Iran without a credit card  
Car reservation and all relevant financial affairs of Iran Driver and Car DealerPrivate car booking and issuance of vouchers in person by providing universal services at airport, train station, urban centers and some Hadrift car hotels in the country of destination with only ID card and voucher. And paying for a round-the-clock delivery of your car from Europacker stations to all airports where you can get a car in one country and deliver it to another country without traveling a kilometer, eliminating overheads and lowering the cost of transfer between cities offering international car insurance.


Luxury Transfers Between Isfahan Airport and Business Formations (CIP)  
Serving between the 22 districts of Isfahan and Shahid Beheshti Airport Driver in uniform, familiar with English language and procedures Principles of In-car Wi-Fi Internet Access In-Car Admission Map of Destination Country


10-hour transfer  

Providing services within the city of Isfahan

Ability to choose routes outside the city with increased tariffs

Possibility to increase service duration by increasing tariffs

Ability to use holiday services with increased tariffs

 rent a car in Esfahan

Car fleet  

Choose from a variety of cars from L90 to Land Cruise and Van inside Iran

Offers navigation, baby seats, and wheel chains upon request domestically

Choose from a range of cars from Economics to Luxury, Family and Van outside of Iran

Offering navigation, baby seats, wheel chains, straps, etc. upon request overseas

alo rent internshnal compani in iran

Language and culture
At Alorent Communicating is simplified because the service is personalized
 Our customers are served by multilingual customer service representatives with English language skills.
Chinese, German, Russian, Arabic, French and Russian are offered.
This ensures that what is asked for is undoubtedly delivered

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