Car rental in the country

Car rental in the country 


Rent a car without driver and driver in all cities and airports of the country


Car rental service at all europcar stations

Boarding activity at the Imam Khomeini airport

Possibility to deliver and repatriate the car in other parts of the country

Possibility of delivery and extraction of vehicles at Mehrabad Airport and at the customer's preferred location

Providing repair and maintenance services for cars around the clock

Third-party insurance and body insurance for all fleet vehicles

Reduced daily rentals by increasing the duration of the lease

Failure to get a car price drop in case of accident (unlike other colleagues (


Car rental in 137 countries from inside Iran without the need for a credit card


Reservation of the car and performing all relevant financial affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Iran

Possibility to book a car and issue a voucher in absentia

Providing global services at stations located at airports, train stations, city centers and some hotels

Receiving a car in the destination country only by providing ID card and voucher and paying a deposit

The boarding of the car from EuroPark stations at all airports

Possibility to get a car in one country and deliver it to another country

Unlimited kilometer travel, eliminating airline costs, and reducing interurban transfer costs

Offering a variety of international car insurance


Deluxe Transfers between Isfahan Airport and Commercial Procedures (CIP)


Serving between the 22 areas of Isfahan and Shahid Beheshti Airport

The presence of a driver in uniform, familiar with English and the principles of ceremoniality

Internet offerings Wi-Fi Inside the car

In-car catering

Present map of destination country


10 hour transfer


Services in the city of Isfahan

Ability to choose routes outside the city by increasing tariffs

Possibility to increase the duration of service provision by increasing the tariff

Possibility to use services during the holiday season with tariff increase


Fleet of cars


Pick from a variety of vehicles from the L90 to Land Cruz and Vans inside Iran

Presentation of the Nissan, Baby Chair, and Wheelchairs on request in the interior

Choose from all types of cars from economy to luxury, family, and van outside Iran

Presenting a presentation, a baby seat, a wheel chains, a bootloader and ... on request, outside of the country


International Certification


An international certificate licensed by the Iranian Tourism and Caravan Center in only 15 minutes at Imam Khomeini Airport

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