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Allo Rentkar is the only and largest international company in Iran 

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?Planning on travelling to Iran 

If you're willing to know more about this country and if you're looking for useful advices, the Iran Europcar company can help you  have a better trip

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.Iran is such a great country to travel ; people are friendly , the architecture is unique , there are  fascinating places to visit 

.If you are interested in art Iran is a good choice for you
If you search about best cities in Iran you definately will see the name of Isfahan among the first ones. Isfahan is one of the main two   cities drawing visitors to the country
.The two most beautiful islands of Iran are Kish and Qeshm

.you can relax and have a great vacation in those islands
 If you're travelling to Iran and you want to drive your own car rather than taking taxis and using public transportations, you can rent   a car from 

company . One of the ways you can reserve a car is to send a message on whatsapp here is the whatsapp  . business number of Alorent

our company incliudes different types of rental cars in iran that you can easily book

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