Management Speech

Eurocup of Iran

The mindset of the formation and start of a car rental company (Isfahan) was 20 years ago and the concept of driving enjoyment by top cars  was formed.

Over seven years of attendance and  trying to advance this idea of renting car , Europcar Isfahan

is now one of the most experienced car rentals in Iran and  the first and oldest car rental providers of the glamorous city of Isfahan and attracting the majority of car rental applicants , has been established as one of the top companies in the field of car rental.


Europcar Car-Rental company utilizes the highest model of the world's day and has been taking the different types of cars in the possession of the highest number of cars among the other companies, now becoming the biggest in Iran and since the customer is oriented and the company is compatible with the demands and needs of the customers in the enterprise agenda and its high-goal is to promote the automotive rental industry and  service in their discerning customers, so undoubtedly need assistance and empathy and the guidance of our friends and respected customers You are welcomed by a welcome audience and we will give it a future.

Europcar Isfahan Co. as the only representative of Europcar Iran in Isfahan province grabs the hand of all companions warmly and is thankful because of the guidance, support and relevance of all the our respected customers.

We are looking for your convenience, comfort and security, and we do our best to provide you with the highest quality in order to satisfy you . Of course, as you know, the price of the car in Iran is much more than the price of it all over the world , so purchase the vehicle can be kind of investment then by which you will face to risk of reduction cover prestige , repairs, insurance and maintenance.

Therefore, we recommend you to gift yourself and your family safety and diversity by rent a car.

Hope to meet all you dear friends.



Sayed Amir Soleimani (Manager of Europcar Isfahan)

For more information please dial +98 913 612 32 32