Why is europcar


Difference europcar with competitors:

Confidence and trust of individuals and companies to the only international brand of car rental and transfer in Iran

The only company has car delivery and refueling stations in different parts of Iran

Possibility to get a car at a station and retrieve it at another station

Ability to book a car from Iran for travelers traveling to foreign countries without the need for a credit card

Get paid for a vehicle called "Car Price Drop" if damages occur

Reduced daily rentals by increasing the duration of the lease

Provide Internet Modem 4GNavigating, Chain Wheel, Baby Seat, Baby Chair, Baby Carriagespan>

Provide free third-party insurance and valid body

The possibility of online car reservation on the Europcar website

Technical support on the premises of a rental car on a twenty-four hour basis

Replacing a rented car with a healthy car if there is a defect that prevents the vehicle from moving

Contracts with two customers

For more information please dial +98 913 612 32 32