Management Speech

Eurocup of Iran

Hayat formed and started to operate a car-rented car without a driver (Isfahan) 20 years ago and was formed with the idea of pleasure of cars with top cars and the day of the world..

During the 7 years of existence and years of efforts to promote the idea of renting a car of Yorupkar Isfahan, it is now considered to be one of the most experienced car rental companies in Iran and is one of the oldest and the oldest car rental car in the beautiful city of Isfahan. It has been attracted by many customers to rent. Top car is known as the upgrade in Iran.

Since the day-to-day car rental business has been one of the pioneers and the first and best-seller of the most up-to-date vehicles at different times, it has encouraged a large number of car enthusiasts and carers.

Esfahan Yoropkar Car Rental Reset Using the highest model of cars in the world and taking different types of cars in different types and having the largest number of cars among the renter is now the largest renter of Iran, and since the customer And the sheriffs are tailor-made to the needs of customers in the company's agenda, and the ambitious goal of promoting and improving the car industry and its customers is well-known customers, so there is no need for sympathy and guidance from the friends' cars, veterans, and customers. Be aware of any suggestions and transmissions Dear audience warmly welcome you and it will light the way ahead

As a sole representative of Iran's Euro-Poor Company in Isfahan province, Ranthark Yuropakar, the Isfahan's reputation, warmly welcomes all its companions and thanks and appreciates the guidance, support and communication of all the distinguished customers of the company..

We are looking for your comfort, comfort and security and we will do our best to provide you with the highest possible quality at least the price. Of course, as you know, car prices in Iran are many times the global price, and the purchase of a car involves heavy investment, and then you will face downgrades, price drops, repairs, insurance and maintenance.!

Therefore, I suggest offering a peace of mind to the security and diversity of yourself and the family.
Hoping to meet each one of your loved ones

Seyyed Amir Soleimani (Director of Europapar Isfahan)

For more information please dial +98 913 612 32 32