Fixed customer Benefits

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Be your last weekend! Sign up now and use a special gift for three times in one year for a free weekend. This reservation can be around the world!
Find a 10 euro discount coupon on! When you do your second booking, we will send you a discount coupon so that you can make your third reservation easier!
If you do a reservation at an affordable price of 10 days or 40 days, in addition to getting a free weekend car, you will get upgraded to the next step of our fixed customers! Price discounts will not change for you.
Other benefits of Fixed customers:
Discount Package 3: Make a special car delivery service with your Europcar code, have your own driving licence and the car key will be in your hands
Reservations Guaranteed: We reserve your card and look for you, even if you have a delay!
Extra kilometers for people who travel a lot: Bonus points for customers who are permanently travelling can be used and this will be done in Europcar criteria.
The unique advantages of the Avikor hotels-from the mentioned hotels, Novtel, Saaftel and Pullman-around the world get 10% discount.
Your subscription code is valid for two years!
(1) Only reservations that have been performed without discount are calculated in your account. Reservations made by special discounts are not counted in your account
(2) All bookings even bookings with discounts will be effective in upgrading your account
(3) The full service of Europcar includes customers who have a complete contract and have completed their data
(4) After the membership as our fixed customer just click on the link Europcar, you will access your account info pan

Golden Cusmer

  • Free Weekend with upgraded degree


Special Customer

  • Free Weekend with upgraded degree
  • Free Upgrade
  • Free Weekend with third reservation (once a year


Static Customers

  • Free Weekend with the third reservation (once a year)
  • 10 Euro discount coupon with second reservatio





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