Terms and conditions of contract

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By confirming this car rental, the car rental contract, you agree to all the terms and conditions stated on this page.
Terms of lease and tenant

The tenant said that at the time of renting a car, a valid certificate and in accordance with the automotive class is requested, and the lessor has no responsibility for the remarks contrary to the tenant.
In case of delivery of the car, one station and its return at the station is the one-way fee according to the company's tariff.
After the lease period and the lack of delivery of the car by the tenant, the lessor shall be deemed as treason in the trustee and will be allowed to refer to judicial and police authorities while announcing the complaint of treason in security, demanding the vehicle to be confiscated, explaining that after the expiry of the lease period, the tenant guarantees any defect and Failure and damage caused by the lack of implementation of the provisions of the contract and the failure of the vehicle (the condition without fault and wastage and the conversion of iodine amani to iodine)
How to use the car
The tenant in the time of use of the vehicle is required to comply with the speed and, if the report was received more than 140 km per hour, in addition to the payment of thrust crimes, up to 25% of the amount of the vehicle was received.
The vehicle is solely permitted to use in the routes and is used every wedge and drive in unauthorized routes including soil, the earth, the stone, off road and... Absolutely prohibited. Otherwise, the tenant is obliged to pay the equivalent of 50% of the contract as a penalty of breach of the condition as well as the potential damages incurred by the lessor. Non-observance of the above will also result in cancellation of insurance coverage.

Contract renewal

If you wish to extend the lease term, the tenant is required to refer to the place of the landlord and to extend the lease and set the contract amendment, and it is obliged to pay the rent for the additional day within 24 hours. Otherwise, a 15% payment will be delayed.

If the tenant after concluding a lease contract and the vehicle was due to a one of a hundred, sooner than the lease period to anterior the car, the price of the rent was calculated based on the prices of the new time period and the price of the rent was increased.

Car Refund

The tenant must return the vehicle in the same condition that has been delivered without defect and at the due time.If the vehicle is not in good condition in terms of the return, the tenant shall pay the cost of carwash. If the full visibility of the 5.000.000 rials is not provided, the customer will be charged and after their refusal to be withdrawn.The vehicle is delivered to the customer with delivery and refund sheet and the tenant must check the status of the vehicle (available lines, fuel situation, etc.). The criterion for assessing the state of the vehicle during return is the signed form of the customer and no objection to minor injuries or broken glass, etc.


The tenant shall, after returning the vehicle, to the final pony and receive a car return guarantee. If the settlement does not take up to 48 hours after the return of the vehicle, the lessor may, without referring to the tenant, be charged with the use of the guarantee documents, and the tenant will not be liable for any objection, and also pledged to pay all possible cost of claims. D If the rent is not paid or check the rent with the bank, the lessor may apply for the refund of the vehicle before the end of the lease period.

Accidents and Disasters (robbery)

In case of any accident or accident when benefit, the tenant is obliged to notify the lessor of the police and obtain a police report and conduct legal action immediately, it should be noted that the use of insurance coverage is subject to the aforementioned observance.
In case of vehicle theft or vehicle accident leading to a vehicle stop for repairs or administrative affairs at the time of rental, the rent is calculated full and after the end of the lease period and stop over 3 days, the tenant is committed to the amount of 50% of the daily rent for each day, to As compensation, pay the right of the lessor.

Driving crimes
The tenant undertakes to pay the amount of driving crimes in the contract at the time of the contract. By deduction of the amount of driving crimes of the deposit within 75 working days, the remainder shall be deposited after the aforementioned period to the bank account number announced by the tenant. The delay from not providing complete and accurate bank account information at the time of the contract is responsible for the tenant.
The tenant is committed to benefit personally of the Pedakht bills of notice of guidance and driving (fines) and the total amount of fines with the bills to the company to prevent parallel actions. Also, the amount of 10% of the total penalty and driving will be received as a service fee (payment and billing) to the tenant...
The lessor shall, in case of refusing to pay for driving offenses, apply to the receipt of the claims of the relevant guarantee and the tenant will not have the right to any objection. The tenant agrees to pay all possible costs for the receipt of the demands.
The tenant is not authorized to carry out any car repairs or periodic services and all maintenance and visits and services are responsible for the lessor. In addition, if the lessor has no access to the vehicle for repairs and service, the tenant shall instantly the declaration of the lessor during the height of the repairs and service. Obviously, costs are calculated and paid by providing the invoice.
In long-term contracts, the tenant is obliged to provide the tenant every 20 days for the visit and the service for one day, otherwise the guarantor of compensation for possible damages may not be timely.
Terms and conditions of car insurance and coverage Europcar Iran
Persons: Diyah to the ceiling in the text of the insurance policy caused by the incident, including: passengers in others and car pedestrians
Cars of others: damage to other cars that are in the event of a non-culprit.
General damage: vehicle theft or damage that exceeds 70% of the vehicle's value in the accident is damaged
The general expert of the insurance company is the criterion for the total damage detection (not covered by any of the following insurance damages).
According to the new laws of the central insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in terms of third-party insurance, if the tenant is not guilty of the incident, and third-party insurance does not cover the culprit, the franchise is the insurance of the body used to compensate for the rental vehicle.
The insurance body used to compensate the car rental vehicle is responsible for the tenant.
Insurance coverage If the tenant is guilty as follows, the following table.

 Minimum rental time and distance allowed

-The minimum car rental time is one day (24h).
-Driving distance is 300 kilometers per day, if the customer exceeds this amount, it will be required to pay the amount stated on the lease contract.

 Car Driver

-Car driver for cars up to the standard group must be at least 21 years and for other 23-year age groups.
-The driver must have a valid driving licence that will last at least one year from the previous issue.

Driving crime deposit

The driver shall pay a fee as a guarantee of the payment of possible crimes. The amount will be refunded in case of no penalty 75 days after the end of the contract. So you have a mobile bank account information. Meanwhile, "10% of the amount of driving crimes will be deducted from the deposit.

Body and third party insurances

All vehicles in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran have third-party and body insurance. Car Rental is the responsibility of this type of insurance, but the franchise is responsible for the customer. It is possible to provide customers with the opportunity to reduce the risk of damage to the third party's supplementary coverage and body separately. Additional insurance fees will be notified to customers during the contract. The mentioned rates are also visible on the company's website.


Fuel cost:


- Paying fuel costs to the customer. Europcar tries to deliver cars with full gasoline tank. If the refueling rate is less than the delivery time, the customer will be required to pay 20% higher than the approved rate per liter of gasoline.

- Paying fuel costs to the customer. Europcar tries to deliver cars with full gasoline tank. If the refueling rate is less than the delivery time, the customer will be required to pay 20% higher than the approved rate per liter of gasoline.


More Tools:

-It is provided to the customer when requesting additional equipment including (navigation, child seats, wheel chains and others).

Other Services:


- Delivery and refund at station: free

- Delivery or extradition outside the station within the city limits for a variety of vehicles

- Delivery or extradition outside the city

- Delivery or extradition outside office hours



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