Hotels and restaurants

Shahrzad Restaurant
This old restaurant has been operating since 1346. It is one of the best and most well-known restaurants in Isfahan with Qajar murals and traditional mirrors, and the stained glass windows show a beautiful reflection of the tradition and originality of Isfahan. In this restaurant, a variety of authentic Iranian and Isfahani dishes are served along with Western dishes, with the best quality along with live music.

Proximity to famous sights such as Khajoo Bridge, Zayandehrood and Abbas Hotel has attracted more tourists to this restaurant.

Address: Chaharbagh Abbasi St., Abbas Abad St., Tel: 03132204490

The Great Briyani
Brian is a popular and authentic food of Isfahan and one of the most important parts of Isfahan tourism. Grilled is a fatty and meaty food made from minced lamb or mutton and liver, in the middle of a small traditional bread.

There are many restaurants for Briyan throughout Isfahan, and one of the best restaurants in Isfahan to try this food is the Briyan Azam restaurant, one of the oldest and most famous and popular restaurants in Isfahan. In this restaurant, Briyan is usually served with fresh Taftoon bread or Sangak, vegetables and buttermilk, which creates a unique and delicious combination.

Address of Branch 1: Government Gate, beginning of Chaharbagh Pa'in, Tel: 03132202070

Address of Branch 2: Seyed Mosque St., next to the Post Office, Tel: 03133383070

Address of Branch 3: Kamal Ismail St., next to the gas station, Tel: 03132125730

Address of Branch 4: Chaharbagh Bala St., Nazar Crossroads, next to the gas station, Tel: 03136280939

Hermes Restaurant Cafe
Hermes Restaurant Cafe is an Italian restaurant in Isfahan, which is known more than anything for its delicious steaks. The stylish atmosphere and modern furniture of this restaurant have also caused many residents of Isfahan, as well as travelers, to choose this restaurant to eat. This restaurant-cafe is located in Julfa area, in the alley of Wank Church, and this has made it more popular with tourists.

Address: Nazar Miyani St., Church Vanak St., Jolfa Square Alley, Tel: 03135555555

Toranj Restaurant
The construction of this restaurant dates back to the Qajar era and was renovated during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah. Isfahan Toranj Hospitality Complex has a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere that shows the original Iranian culture. The complex has four sections: restaurant, pantry, photo studio and coffee shop. In Toranj restaurant of Isfahan, the most diverse traditional and Western dishes are served in the pantry, all kinds of herbal and traditional drinks, and its photography studio has luxurious and beautiful clothes from the Qajar period to record beautiful memories.

Address: Khaghani St., Opposite Andalusian Confectionery, Hovans Alley, Tel: 03136293788

Juan Gostar Restaurant
Khvangostar Restaurant is one of the most famous and stylish restaurants in Isfahan, which has a very special atmosphere and environment, excellent and beautiful decor, and quality food, and its varied menu affects every taste. Among all the dishes of the restaurant, its beaten chelokbab is famous and special. Also, a variety of salads and vegetarian dishes are offered as a self-service for vegetarians and those who do not like meat food.

Address: Hakim Nezami St., Jolfa Hotel, Juan Gostar Restaurant, Tel: 03136278989

Azadegan Traditional Restaurant Cafe (Haji Mirza Coffee House)
Named Chah Haj Mirza, this coffee house was first built during the Safavid period. Is known as Haj Mirza House. The café resembles an antique shop due to its special decoration, which includes antique items that its owner has collected over the years.

Address: Imam Square, towards Qaisaria Gate, Haj Mirza House, Tel: 03132211225

Firooz Sharbat Restaurant Cafe
Nostalgic and antique cafes whose old decoration has given a special feature to this place, as well as old menus with special dishes whose names are also old and unknown, have multiplied the charm of this place. Turquoise Syrup Ice Creams are a special offer of "Turquoise Syrup".

Address: Jolfa, Hakim Nezami St., Vanak Church Alley, in front of Jolfa Hotel, Tel: 03136268009

Role of the World Restaurant
Naghsh Jahan Isfahan traditional restaurant is one of the quality and well-known restaurants in Isfahan and a hangout for tourists from different countries. The architecture of this traditional dining hall, in the form of the original architectural elements of Isfahan, with the new style of Iranian architecture, has multiplied the special charm of this restaurant. Is. This restaurant is as spectacular as Naghsh-e Jahan Square and its architecture. All around the restaurant are Iranian designs and there are traditional beds for sitting.

Address: Naghsh Jahan Square, next to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, inside the bazaar, Tel: 03132219068

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