International plaque replacement documents

Transit plate is issued and delivered to identify the vehicle internationally. Plaque‌The oldest destinations for tourism and caravans are:


- A plaque with a three letter prefix TEH Five pixels green in white


- A plaque with a three letter prefix THR With five numerals black on the yellow background


- Double letter plates IR With five numeric black symbols in the yellow field


Are valid and usable. Transit plates for each vehicle are issued only once, which are specific to the same vehicle and their validity until the end of the life of the same vehicle..



The section for issuing documents between‌The international offer of transit passage‌Has made a new plan. This license can be received by the representatives of the Tourism and Traveling Agency on June 20, 2011‌Be It should be noted that from 03/07/1389 no services to model plate holders TEH و THR Not given to the license plate holders from 12/12/1391 IR Transit documents are granted only upon the return of the old license plate and the receipt of a new license plate‌To make.



The documents required to receive a transit plate are the same as those of the International Motor Vehicle Register.


Transit documents can only be submitted at selected delegations of the Tourism and Travel Center.


It is noteworthy that all Transit Owners are required to transfer the Transit Plate to the New Owner after the definitive transfer of the Vehicle (by mutual understanding).




Documents required for registration of transportation and passenger transportation companies


All public transport vehicles must be covered by a shipping company for international traffic, and the shipping company must file a file with the following documents at the Tourism and Caravan Center.:


- Corporate statute image


- Established image image


- Image of the latest official newspaper changes


- Sample seal and signature of the authorized owners with the seal of the company, which has been approved by the official offices


- Letter of introduction by the representative of the company


- Principal Deposit Deposit required to register the company

For more information please dial +98 913 612 32 32

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